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What Exactly Is The Situation Of The Relationship Between Nollywood Female Actors, Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington & Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor-Suleiman.

Adesuwa & Linda.

Nollywood watchers from all over Africa are wondering exactly what happened to the very beautiful that once existed between these two gorgeous female actors, Linda Ejiofor and Adesuwa Etomi, both of whom very extremely very close before they both got married.

They were too close that they both took part in each others wedding activities, with them playing vital MAID OF HONOURS to each other but something went wrong. The love that existed between them was too noticeable that people become jealous of them.
What happened to their relationship is still a myth that we are trying very hard to unravel, but information available to "Precious Eze's Blog" says that the prolonged child-bearing issues Adesuwa had might have contributed immensely to stray both of them apart, that you don't see them together anymore, or even attend parties as they used to do together.
You would recall that Adesuwa and BankyW got married before Linda and Ibrahim did, but the later had a child almost immediately and this played a major role, even though that is not the same as what happened between Stella Damasus and Kate Henshew's relationship, but we hope Linda and Adesuwa comes back to how they used to be.
We loved them both as good friends and that is what we are looking forward to again and this is hoping that they put aside their differences, if there are, and give us the sweet friendship we are used.


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