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YUL EDOCHIE: No Woman Deserves To Go Through What May Yul-Edochie & Her Children Maybe Going Through Right Now --- Nollywood's Uche Ogbodo.

Uche Ogbodo
Another controversial Nollywood Actor, Uche Ogbodo has given her voice in support of the wife of the now controversial actor, Yul Edochie, May Yul-Edochie and what she maybe going through right now after he husband announced the birth a son and subsequent marriage to fellow actor, Judy Austin.

Uche Ogbodo's comment on the first post made by Yul Edochie had put her out in a bad lite and she had to correct it with another post this morning clarifying her position on the issue and setting the records straight on her position on Polygamy.

According to her, "I just want to say that I, Uche Ogbodo would never ever support Polygamy. I don't appreciate it, and would never Indulge Directly in it. 

This position of mine is because, Polygamy brings with it, nothing other than pains and agony, especially to the people involved in it.

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