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Nollywood Actor, Arinze Okonkwo Bags Multi-Million Naira Endorsement Deal With “MAX TRADE” An Arm Of PWAN MAX.

Arinze Okonkwo.

In today’s world, it is expected that individuals do not rely on only one single source of income, but to diversify, putting your hands in other, but legitimate businesses that would stand the test of time when the chips are down, which is why Nollywood Actor, Arinze Okonkwo is bringing to his huge fans across the globe, this opportunity with MAX TRADE.

Haven signed as the Ambassador for the brand, which is a subsidiary of PWAN MAX, a real estate firm into the business of making sure that Nigerians eradicates the LandLord wahala, to owning their own houses in choice locations across Nigeria.

Speaking exclusively with “Precious Eze’s Blog”, the newest brand ambassador in town, Arinze Okonkwo told us how ‘Max Trade’ works and how beneficial it is to the general public, as according to him, the platform allows an investor to acquire a land to sell after 12 months or more to earn interest between 20% and 40%.

In simpler terms, he continued, you buy in a PWAN designated estates across Nigeria, and in 12 months, you sell back the same landed property to the company and earn profits of upto 40% for the same land, this is PWAN’s idea of helping Nigerians diversify their money, instead of allowing your money lie dormant in the bank, give them to us through the purchase of land or properties and we would make profits on your behalf while you sleep.

And as the new brand ambassador, it is part of my duty to sensitize my community, so everybody can tap into this blessing I am a part of and watch your money work for you.


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