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Nollywood Actor, Ini Edo Gives Insight Into What Motherhood Has Taught Her.

Ini Edo.

Nollywood actor, Ini Edo is waxing in the euphoria of motherhood as she gives insights into some of the things being a mother has taught her in recent times.

According to her, “Motherhood has taught me that I can actually love someone else more than myself.” “The fact that you can actually love somebody else more than yourself.” “All of a sudden, somebody else is more important than yourself.”

With her baby.

Ini Edp says further, that “I’m somebody who just really love myself and my space. But then, you realize that before you start to think about yourself, you wake up in the morning and you’re not thinking of yourself. You’re thinking of your child.”

“There’s a consciousness that comes with the fact that you’re responsible for somebody else’s life.”“My past miscarriages experience did not influence my decision on surrogacy.”


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