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OWO MASSACRE: A Survivor, “Stephanie Ajibo Olitex” Celebrates Her Escape From The Bandits Who K@lled Almost 100 People At The St. Francis Catholic Church.


Her name is Stephanie Ajibo Olitex, aka, Stephgold and she has narrated how she escaped from the attackers of the St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo in Ondo State while parishioners were in church serving their God.

According to her post made through her facebook account, she wrote, “We were inside the church when they started shooting from the outside. People at the back started running towards the altar. Some jumped the fence, our priest escaped through the sacristy with the help of our catechist. By the time I ran towards the Sacristy door, it was already locked by members who were able to reach there before me”. 

The survivor.

I had to hide myself under the cupboard inside the choir room with the baby in my hand. He shot somebody right in front of me near the Sacristy door. He looked around, when he didn't see anybody or sound, he went away. He was on mask, loaded with Ak 47 and note that the distance between the heavily loaded gunman and me was like kitchen to dinning.

Our choir master who was hiding with us was shot on his chest before he ran into the room with us. I pray he survives the bullet. They killed children, youths and elderly.  We've recorded almost 100 death and still counting..I came out alive and escaped through the fence that demarcated our church from the Palace of Olowo of Owo Kingdom and ran to the palace for the fear of the unknown.

The baby with her is safe, she is also safe and a day after the incident was her birthday, which prompted her to testify about this, stating that Sunday, the 5th of June would have been her last, but she was given another chance,


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