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BREAKING NEWS: Nollywood Actor, Sola Onayiga Has Been Announced Dead.

Sola Onayiga.

It has been announced that Nollywood actor, and theatre and state practitioner, Sola Awojobi Onayiga, popularly known simply as Sola Onayiga is dead.


Making the announcement through his social media platform today, Dr. Shaibu Husseini wrote, “I have just been informed that the accomplished Stage and Screen Actress and Fellow of Theatre Arts Auntie Sola Awojobi Onayiga have passed on.

According the Dr. Shaibu, “Auntie Sola who is best known for living delightfully the role of Ireti aka Cooking practical in the defunct television sitcom ‘'FUJI HOUSE OF COMMOSION ‘' as she is reported to have passed on this morning.


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