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FINALLY, Estranged Girl-Friend Of Nollywood Actor, Alexx Ekubo & Daughter Of Former Deputy Governor Of Imo State, Fancy Acholonu Open Up On What Made Them Cancel Their Engagement.

Alexx & Fancy.

Fancy Acholonu in a lengthy statement on Friday night, apologized to Alexx for her choice of words while announcing her separation, even after dating for five years before making their relationship public during the proposal last year.

Fancy wrote, “Everyone should find their happiness and live in their truth”.

Reacting to the different narratives on social media, Acholonu explained that her message didn’t insinuate that the actor is a gay, and she apologised for giving that impression.

She added that Alex had apologised for what he did that led to the end of their engagement and she has apologised for her reaction.

Acholonu said, “I want to clear the air about the statement I made to the public regarding the demise of my engagement with Alexx, during an emotional state of mind, I announced that I ended things, in hindsight that detail wasn’t necessary to be revealed because it only complicated things more. I felt betrayed by Alexx in private but i didn’t have to release a statement to the public so I want to apologize to him and everyone that was affected by my emotional reaction.

“People have different ways of dealing with trauma and stress, some cry themselves to sleep, some vent, some use substances and some smile through the pain to avoid dealing with it. A month after the breakup I traveled a lot with family and friends, posted my “best life” to distract myself. I acted like everything was okay even though I was completely devastated behind closed doors.

“Only my close friends and family witnessed as I struggled to eat, sleep, and couldn’t stop crying. I was trying to escape from my reality and look like a “strong” woman but I was weak. I was embarrassed to show I was heartbroken publicly because I asked for privacy so I felt my silence on the situation would help calm things down.

“I also want to clear the air regarding the context of my statement. In the 5 sentences I wrote the highlighted part that was all over the media was “live in “your” truth”. I never said Alexx should live in “his” truth. The sentence i wrote in full was “Everyone should find their happiness and live in “their” truth. My words were misconstrued and now understandably seemed directed at him because of the gay rumors that have followed him for years. Sadly anything I would have said or not said would have led to those assumptions.

 “From the moment I said yes, to the moment I unfollowed him everyone kept pushing the gay narrative, it’s not something I can control but hopefully I can try to explain my meaning (* Also this is not to say being gay is bad, I have gay friends and I support the LGBT community) Living in one’s truth is to live as your most authentic self, to live by what you preach.

“If you speak of Loyalty, Be loyal. If you speak of Discipline, Be Disciplined. The list goes on. It’s too vague to explain, but it does not mean someone is gay. It’s a beautiful phrase that wasn’t meant to be negative and it wasn’t directed at

him. I’m living in my truth now by speaking up and no longer being afraid to be vulnerable publicly about how devastating this situation has been, and how much it has affected my mental health and well being this past year.

“I will not reveal the reasons why we ended, that’s personal and he has already apologized. I have forgiven Alexx for his actions, and he has forgiven me for my reactions, we have resolved our issues in private which hasn’t been an easy journey but I’m grateful with all the progress made so we can now say we are at peace. There have been several theories and rumors about our break up and I understand the curiosity because we did bring our relationship to the public and our wedding was highly publicized but please don’t believe everything you hear or read.

“I believe forgiveness is a part of love even when it’s over, I’ll always have respect and appreciation for what we shared during our 5 years together regardless of this outcome. I truly pray for Alexx’s happiness, love, and wish him joy and continued success.

“Furthermore, to the Ekubo Family & Friends I still love you all especially Mother of Diamond, Alexx’s amazing mom she was truly becoming my new mom so the loss of our relationship has been devastating, but I’m grateful that we are at a good place of forgiveness and understanding she’s always in my prayers. To the Acholonu Family, Friends please forgive Alexx, nobody is perfect. As humans we are all flawed, so let’s all let go so both families can move on in peace with no animosity.

“It’s not easy being vulnerable publicly because expressing your vulnerabilities can be nerve wracking and it can be used against you. In the media your words can be twisted, your actions can be misconstrued so this is why It has taken me almost a year to speak up, I needed the time and strength to heal before breaking my silence on this. I never thought I could recover from this but God has strengthened me beyond my imagination and I pray for strength and healing for Alexx, his friends, and family too. Thank you.”

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