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TROUBLE As Another Nollywood Actor, Toyin Abraham's Second Marriage To Actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi Is On The Verge Of Collapse.

Toyin & Kolawole.

The trouble rocking marriages, especially those of entertainment people these is nothing to write home about, just we getting off one, which was Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz, that of Paul Okoye and Anita stepped in.

Now, the new gist is that there is trouble in the home of actor, and producer, Toyin Abraham and her husband, Kolawole Ayeyemi, and this is according to celebrated gossip blogger, Gistlover.

According to information, the husband of Toyin. Kola had had enough of the very masculine way Toyin had been handling issues in the home that he had to confide in a friend, saying, "I have been managing in that marriage, prior to when Toyin got pregnant, sometimes she doesn't sleep at home for days, she doesn't take up her responsibilities as a wife, she doesn't even follow them to church".

Kolawole was quoted saying that the only thing still holding him back is the hope that things might better and the fact that he doesn't want such drama that has associated Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz, if not, he would have announced their break-up,

We only hope Toyin Abraham realizes she has a man in the house as a husband and maybe, start making amends with some of the issues of concern to him, if not, it won't be long before the street of Social Media will be flooded with the same issue they don't people to know.


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  1. Anonymous19:15

    Psalm is good for you. Kola & Toyin kindly send to her


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