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Nollywood Actor & Tinsel Star, Dozie Onyiriuka Graduates From Babcock University With A B.Sc Mass Communications, Ready To Take On The World.

Tinsel's Freddie Ade-Williams.

One of the shining lights on the African Magic longest airing drama series, Tinsel and popularly called, Freddie Ade-Williams, Dozie Onyiriuka, has finally put an end to his schooling for now as he has just graduated from the Babcock University, bagging a Bachelor of Science, B.Sc. in Mass. Communications.                                             

Freddie told “Precious Eze’s Blog” that he is now ready to conquer the entertainment and movie sector, as he is free like a bird to explore the industry, giving his best of performances as he had done in the years he has been in the industry.

Nnadozie Onyekachi Rex Noble Onyiriuka says, “I hope to pick up from where I left off in my career before I got into the University, as I had to turn down multiple roles during the course of my study as they were clashing, being that it was tough but I had to make sacrifices.                              

This platform as, “Apart from Tinsel, are you ready and willing to take up other offers from the real Nollywood”? and his answer was, “One hundred percent” and when asked if he was ready to explore other Nollywood like the Asaba Industry, Dozie’s response was, Probably not. I'm more drawn towards films that are cinematic. In truth, those can be fun to watch but I'm more interested in cinematic ones. Then other series as well, that'll be cool too. I love series. 



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  1. Anonymous22:46

    Can't wait to see more of Freddy!! And also Dozie in action. The best actor in the making


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