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Nollywood Comic Actor, John Okafor Laments, Says “It Was Someone I Helped In The Past That Poised Me”, Back To The Hospital.

Mr. Ibu.

After his sickness, it was learnt that actor, John Okafor, aka, Mr. Ibu went into searching for the cause of his sickness and some discoveries were made, which made him come out recently to tell his teaming fans some of his discoveries.

According to him, it was actually someone he helped in the past who poisoned him, wanting him to die.

Furthermore, he says: “These days, I am usually skeptical because I later found out that it was somebody I had helped in the past who poisoned me and If not for God, the result would have been bad. As I speak with you now, I am still being treated somewhere in Guzape, in Abuja.”

“I expect the Federal Government to act on this. Whether we like it or not, we actors are serving the government. The movies we make are for the benefit of the general public. If the government wants to better protect us, they can do it.”


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