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PDP’s Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar Shares His TAKE-HOME From The Meeting With A Group Of Young Farmers.

Atiku Abubakar.

 According to him, I had a couple of meetings last week with different groups of local entrepreneurs especially farmers.

The engagements were quite impressive, and I am more pleased that there seems to be a consensus amongst them that our plan to re-energise the manufacturing sector and make agriculture a more viable business is alluring.

I have said it many times and please permit me to affirm it again, that my plan to boost the economy is pro-business. I believe that the business of free-enterprise with government playing the customary role of regulation will bear the solution to many of our endemic problems especially expanding our revenue base and providing quick employment for our people.

That is where we are ideologically different from the other folks. Whereas my policy plan is laser precise about creating wealth and driving the vast majority of our people out of extreme poverty, others do not even have a coherent plan other than vapid, earsplitting sloganeering.

That brings us to the point I keep making, that the job ahead of us is too important to be left for you and I alone to accomplish.

Every election is won and lost from the Polling Units. And because the stakes in the upcoming polls are high, we shall go a long way if we start early to recruit more people to our side - I mean folks who share in our passion and believe in our dreams.

And always remember: this is not about you or me. We are in this for the good of our dear country, Nigeria.

But I am sure you believe, just like I do too, that as ONE, we shall get it done.

Thank you very much and do have assurances of my best wishes, and a great week ahead, Eze.


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