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PMAN President, Pretty Okafor Launches “Biometric I.D Card” For Musicians In Collaboration With Zenith Bank, To Protect & Pay Intellectual Owners Their Works Worth.

PMAN officials at the Event.

The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN has finally launched the first of its kind identity for all members of the association both young and old as a means of getting what is deserving of them.

Tagged, “Biometric I.D Card” according to the President of PMAN, Pretty Okafor has been the dream child of the Association since 2014 immediately he emerged the President of this Prestigious Association, opining that that the music union body needed to be formalized in such a way that every musician in every family must be recognized and accounted for, every talent in every home must be recognized and put in a data base so that anybody anywhere in the world who wanted any information about any musician would have a centralized medium to find it.

During the launch of the Biometric ID CARD held at the prestigious Eko Hotel in Lagos, with the Director General of the  Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC, John Asein present, the representative of the Director General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Olusegun Runsewe and Governors of PMAN from across the states of the federation.

The logo.

According to information made available to “Precious Eze’s Blog”, this dream of PMAN’s President, Pretty Okafor is developed to see that every Artiste is being taken care of, not just to be given accolades and fame which they truly deserve, but also to see that every Artist receives value for every creative work put out.

Pretty Okafor says that his desire is to see that Artistes need to be able to take care of, not only his band members but his own family as well, either he is there or not.

According to him, a musician who is loved and respected but has never been paid their worth or given their due, Hence the birth of the PMAN BIOMETRIC ID CARD, which affords all Artists recognition, accounted for and well taken care of incase of any unforeseen eventualities.

A sample of the Biometric ID Card.

Other areas of concern for the Biometric ID Card is, LIFE INSURANCE, HEALTH INSURANCE, PENSION PLAN, EMBASSY ASSISTANCE and LEGAL ASSISTANCE to all musicians across the country and in diaspora son long as you are a Nigerian operating in the music industry, either as a keyboardist, singer, flutist, Guitarist etc, so long as you operate in the music sector, you are covered.

Information gathered by “Precious Eze’s Blog” says that PMAN in collaboration with Gocreateafrica has also added more benefits to the card which include Music distribution Platform : godistronow, Gocreateafrica allows monitoring your Mechanical rights, Performance rights and Digital rights, a Moneytize platform allow musicians and their followers make money with content which they are producing and also promoting, Musicians now have access to connect to other  musicians and Music Unions around Africa and collaborate in cultural exchange

Some of the guests.

To access the Biometric I.D Card, all willing music practitioners are expected to go the PMAN website,, click to register, fill in your details, pay the mandatory N6000 membership fee with your ATM card, then walk into any Zenith Bank branch, request to register for your PMAN Biometric ID Card, an XPATH Portal will be opened to get your details, pay another N6000 cash, making it N12,000 in total and you are done.

With this launch, it is expected that if members of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN would take advantage of the Biometric ID Card, every artiste, including content producers would have their works pay return on investment, even when they are not there. 

Precious Eze’s Blog” will bring to your reading, an Exclusive with the Director General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC, John Asein, who would shade more light on this new development, as well as what the NCC is doing to make sure that the harmony created by the Pretty Okafor’s led PMAN has achieved since the inception of his executive and how far this Biometric ID Card would go to help industry players maximize the potentials of their work. 

A part two of this extra would come soon.


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