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It has been 2 undoubtedly exciting years so far of "scentilating exploration and discovery" in niche perfumes, and like it was at the beginning, when the journey actually started we are still so titillated!

Our 2nd anniversary will be called "Scentiversary 2".

For our 1st year anniversary, it was an unbelievable series of celebrations as we brought in to the country not 1, not 2 but..... 5 important visitors in the month of October 2021 to Nigeria as part of the activities that celebrated the occasion.

These 5 guests were renowned niche perfumers (noses) and international perfume influencers (noted frag-heads) who were all visiting Nigeria for the first time ever. And they testified after all, to have had the best time of their lives- as they were pampered and given royal treatments all the way! 

That superlative anniversary culminated to a super party at the banquet Hall of the Oriental Hotel that was very well attended and hailed by everyone as topnotch.

So not wanting to come down from that high/height of unbridled excitement, we have decided to celebrate the Scentiversary 2 in another way, but still on that elevated format too. 

So 5 lucky customers/clients/perfume lovers/collectors in the making, would follow us on an adventurous trip to both idyllic Istanbul, Turkey and fun London, United Kingdom for 5 awesome days to experience perfumes/perfumery on a whole new level (totally upscale). 

This trip would involve guests being hosted over these 5 exciting days by the brands themselves e.g Alghabra & Electimuss; taking them through their journey, exposing the meanings, inspirations and origins of their groundbreaking scents.

So what does these 5 Lucky ones have to do to get on this 'magic carpet' of an exhilarating paid for trip to Istanbul and London?

"You must buy at least a bottle or more of our classic 'Alghabra' fragrances whose home front is actually Istanbul and also from the eclectic Electimuss collections, which celebrates all the excellence, magnificence and triumphs of imperial Rome or you buy from Masque Milano,  the quintessentially artistic niche brand from Milan inspired by the starry world of theatre". 

At the end of every month from "August till December 2022", a lucky winner will be announced at our monthly fragrance lovers meet up. These events will also serve to launch our new products coming into stock including the likes of 'Place des lices, a luxurious brand inspired by the French Riviera, Agatho, an ulta-niche artisan brand with hand crafted gold bottles and unimaginable scents amongst many others. 

This press conference is to announce our amazing plans and reintroduce us- the Salon de Parfum brand, powered by Seinde Signature to you the media. We are the only 100% niche perfume retailer in Nigeria.

We stock exclusively more than 20 Niche brands from across the globe that are well celebrated in the perfume world. 

From Alghabra to Electimuss to Testament London and more. 

We are the unrivalled supplier for exclusive niche fragrances in the market.


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