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Again, Family Source Counters Social Media, Says Bukka Hut Co-Founder, Laolu Martins Did Not Commit Suicide.

Laolu Martins.

According to the information released to “Precious Eze’s Blog”. Laolu Martins, He didn't commit suicide, as earlier stated by this platform, but he had a terminal disease. ..and he slumped in his living room yesterday evening, even as a press conference is coming out soon to counter the earlier claims by some social media platforms.


Furthermore, the source says to us and we quote, “Presh, Laolu did not commit suicide. Close family sources said he died yesterday evening from a terminal ailment. These unverified stories cause trauma to the loved ones of the deceased. They have been so shocked at the suicide story and are putting out a press statement shortly. Abeg, don't join those pushing falsehood without verification. It's so unfair. 

It is right and proper to let a family first announce the death of their son, husband and father. Online bloggers these days announce a death before family members have been informed.  It is so unfair.


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