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“EKO INSPIRE ME ACADEMY” By "Ara" De’ Talking-Drummer, Is For Good Boys & Girls In Lagos.

Ara Olamuyiwa.

Remember Ara? The first internationally renowned Afrikan female talking-drummer and one of Africa's best.

The super-skilled Ara will be unveiling her Reality TV Show named: EKO INSPIRE ME ACADEMY on the 19th of October in Lagos.

According to the initiator, Ara Olamuyiwa, the EKO INSPIRE ME ACADEMY aims to save young Lagosians who have helplessly resigned themselves to the darkness of street-life and she prefers to refer to street-dwelling youngsters as ‘good boys and girls’.

She said her heart-touching and deeply revealing interactions with them inspired her against tagging the youngsters derogatorily.

In her words, ‘The event is a multi-phased process that will feature talent-based competitive selection of ‘good boys and girls’ from the 'flash points' of Lagos State.

It is designed to have as its climax, the award of scholarships and other life-enhancing opportunities to winners.

EKO INSPIRE ME ACADEMY” is a Lagos-wide and continuous exercise that will duly travel across Nigeria with emerging support from institutions and persons of high privilege who seek to give back to society’.


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  1. This is a great initiative and also heart warming. This will be a good platform to bring the greatness in them out. Looking forward to this. God bless you ARA

  2. Beautifully written 👌


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