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30th Anniversary Logo.

The Community Life Project (CLP), an NGO founded in 1992 is set to mark its 30th anniversary in early November 2022. 

Since it was founded, the nonprofit civil society organisation has been empowering the marginalised and most vulnerable grassroots citizens to take greater responsibility for their wellbeing, end inequality and build thriving communities. It began by working in Isolo community in the Lagos metropolis, subsequently expanded to neighbouring communities – Oshodi and Mushin – and then scaled up nationally.

Today, CLP stands tall in the family of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria as an example of a resourceful, results-oriented, and resilient institution; a promoter of equity and social inclusion; a convener of stakeholders, development agencies and faith-based communities; and a resource for thousands grassroots leaders. 

According to the founder and Executive Director Ngozi Iwere, the 30th anniversary celebration is an occasion to celebrate the grassroots leaders who have been toiling hard to improve lives and service delivery in communities across the country: “they are the unsung heroes and heroines of our tedious nation-building efforts” she said, “they have been holding together this great nation through their ubiquitous trades - as carpenters, bike riders, grinding machine operators, mechanics, vulcanisers, market men and women, hairdressers, tailors, photographers, welders and numerous others; and  have worked assiduously with us at CLP over these past three decades to improve elections and local governance all over the country. We plan to celebrate their efforts as we mark our 30th anniversary.”

This view was echoed by CLP’s Programme Manager Mr. Francis Onahor who added that the organisation has not only made great impact over the years but has executed all its programmes through highly ethical approaches that uphold the human dignity of one and all.

To celebrate its 30 years of incredible impact, CLP is organising an anniversary event scheduled to take place on the 4th November at Muson Centre, Lagos. The grassroots citizens who have been impacted by the work of CLP would be taking the centre stage at the event. In attendance would be grassroots women politicians who were empowered to increase their level of representation and participation in politics at the Local level. 

Some of the youths that CLP’s Theatre-for-Development programme helped discover their hidden creative abilities to actualise their dreams would be gracing the event. Discovered and nurtured by CLP, then gone on to become internationally renowned and celebrated script writers, actors, music stars and icons in the entertainment industry like Chiedozie Nzeribe (Sambasa), Lateef Adedimeji, Kingsley Okonkwo (KCee), to mention a few. These people and other personalities whose lives have been touched by the work of CLP would be at the event to share their stories. 


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