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COMMUNITY LIFE PROJECT: Celebrating 30Yrs Of Impacting The Youth & The Community.

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Community Life Project popularly known as CLP by a chunk of the young people who had passed through it turns 30, that is, three decades of being a veritable tool in youths actualizing their potentials and community development.

Founded by Mrs. Ngozi Iwere, CLP had in the last 30 years, been one of the reasons why young people who did either their primary or secondary education in and around the Oshodi-Isolo axis of Lagos turned out well and better in their chosen professions, either as musicians, actors, Lawyers, medical doctors, social workers, teachers or writers.

Community Life Project is therefore rolling out the drums to make loud, their modest achievements in the areas of youth enlightenment, reproductive and sexual health issues, community and youth empowerment/development and a host of other community based approaches to life and they have done so successfully for 30 years.

According to information obtained by “Precious Eze’s Blog” and released by the Executive Director of Community Life Project, CLP, Mrs. Ngozi Iwere, the information reads, ‘It has been three decades of positively impacting and transforming lives across Nigeria, strengthening institutions and their leaders, and enabling them to do more in community engagement and nation-building, CLP has championed health and well engagement, entrepreneurship, and building personal agency, through grassroots movement, inspiring everyone who came her way to take charge and help build a better Nigeria’.

Mrs. Ngozi Iwere, 
ED, Community Life Project.

Continuing, the information says, ‘It is worth celebrating. We are proud, that today Organisations in Nigeria as an example of a resourceful, results institution; a promoter of equity and social inclusion; a convener of stakeholders; a mobiliser of community development agencies and faith leaders who are holding together this great nation through their ubiquitous trades carpenters, bike riders, grinding machine operators, mechanics, vulcanisers, market men and women, hairdressers, tailors, photographers, welders ethical approaches that uphold the human dignity of one and all.

So, CLP hopes to use this 30th anniversary to look back on her achievements over the years, being mindful of the support which she had enjoyed from some of the young people who had passed through her and that of other colleagues working to promote social justice in Nigeria, thus, a collective success so far.

All roads leads to the prestigious AGIP Recital Hall of the Muson Centre, come the 4th of November as CLP celebrates.


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