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2023 PRESIDENCY: Reason Emerge Why Charles Soludo Didn't Want Peter Obi's Presidency.

Peter Obi & Charles Soludo.

The fight between the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi and the Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo was taken to another height by billionaire businessman, Prince Arthur Eze by some utterances made by the later recently.

Authur Eze had recetly disassociated himself from Peter Obi's 2023 presidential ambition, saying that he should have waited for his turn after whoever wins the 2023 presidential election, claiming that he warned Peter Obi to withdraw from the race and supported another candidate.

He said, "I warned Peter to withdraw from this race but he would not listen. I told him plainly that I am mot a part of his plans. I told him to drop his ambition and wait for next time". 

When Peter Obi told me about his ambition, I asked him o mention the states he thinks he can win in the West and in the North, he told me, but I was not convinced and I told him not to waste his time and money.

Pointing to Governor Soludo, Arthur Eze says, "This is the person we are positioning to take over as Nigerian president of Igbo extraction when the time come. We have a presidential candidate we are supporting right now, after his tenure, he would hand over to Charles Soludo".

Prince Arthur Eze said these at the 2022 Ofala festival of HRH, Igwe Dr. Robert Eze, the traditional ruler of Ukpo in Dunukofia Local Government Area in Anambra State, bring to the fore, the reason or reasons Governor Charles Soludo was never in support of Peter Obi's presidential ambition and had to speak publicly about it.

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