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Another Nollywood Actor, Daniel K Daniel's 5yrs Old Marriage Crashes, Returns To His First Love.

DKD &  Teena.

There are indication that the marriage of Nollywood actor, Daniel K Daniel, popularly known as DKD may have crashed, as there a huge speculation in the industry he must have returned to his first love.
The two lovers.

Daniel and Teena had their traditional marriage on the 26th day of August 2017 in her hometown in Nnewi, in Anambra State and they both relocated to the United States of America. They both have two sons together, but it seemed as though they have gone their separate ways.

As it became a competition for celebrities and Nollywood actors to showcase their families on Christmas day, everyone of them took to their individual Social Media accounts to post their families, which naturally had the husband, the wife with their children or the husband and wife in the case they do not have a child yet.
But in the case of Daniel K Daniel. he joined others to post the picture of himself alone with his lovely sons without Teena his wife in the photograph, same way Yul Edochie's wife, May posted the pictures of herself and her children alone before Yul eventually forced himself in the already in town pictures.
DKD's marriage to Teena may have suffered a huge setback and he may have returned to his first love and closest friend, Nollywood actor, Ken Erics, with whom they were dating back in the days before he eventually got married, but remained in constant touch and were secretly dating, which Teena may have found out and decided to let them have themselves while she moves on.
Ken Erics was at the traditional marriage that happened between Daniel and Teena in 2017 and was also in the weeding that followed and within the circle of practitioners in the industry, they are known to be lovers, to the extent that when Ken decided to try marriage too like DKD did, he's couldn't stay the test of time.

This crash is similar to what happened between Comedian, Bright Okpocha, known as Basket Mouth and wife recently, where Bright sought for the annulment of their marriage for convenience sake.

So, DKD and Ken Erics are now free to enjoy their relationship devoid of the prying eyes of Teena or Onyi Adada the former wife of Ken, whom she accused of never sleeping with immediately after their marriage was contracted.

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