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Nollywood Actors, Oma Nnadi & Chioma Okoye Begin Another Round Of Dirty Fights, Embroiled In Debt Management Controversy.

Chioma Okoye & Oma Nnadi.

Controversy is about brewing between Nollywood actor and producer, Oma Nnadi and her colleague, Chioma Okoye, who has again accused her of using her to borrow money and has refused to pay.

Speaking to Stella Dimoko Kurkus, SDK, Chioma Okoye says, I and Oma are close but not that close. I have given her jobs as a producer and when she had a shop at ikota I bought wigs from her, but one fateful night by 11pm, she calls me, saying, babe how far? I need urgent money. I said unfortunately I didn't have money but the way she sounded I felt bad , So I told her I have some couple of people who give soft loan that I also collect loans to run business. 

She then asked for the interest rate, I told her, she said it's fine that I should collect for her.

I said no, but she insisted that she needs it urgently so the documentation process and all... So I collected it for her.. she paid back. She collected again and paid back. I told her why not start collecting by yourself so that when I need it your loan won't hinder mine,that loan is not a bad thing.. I educated her that since she has been paying back she should collect it herself.

She later called me that she wanted 10million. I collected two times 5million each 20th and 21st I gave the 10million to her.

Along the line she was paying the interest, first and second month she paid, then on the third month she called me that she can no longer pay the interest because what she was expecting didn't enter. That I should pay for her, I told her I don't have that i will call a friend abroad. I asked her why she couldn't call any of her People, she said she can't that if you say no to her it makes her feel bad....

 Moreover she called two of her friends who said they didn't have the money.

My Friend abroad gave her the money with terms and conditions. So she was able to pay for the next month.

After that month, she couldn't pay for the next interest.. which was the money she took from my friend in America.. so I paid the interest then she demanded for another loan 1.5m.. making it 3m from America. 10m from the loan company.

She could no longer pay... The one in America was giving me heat and anytime I called Omar she was giving me stories.

I called her on her birthday, I never knew it was her birthday.. I told her the loan is getting too late to pay. She started shouting that she wouldn't die that the loan is too much.. I said why was she shouting, that I did her a favor and took the loan for her.. So she dropped the call.

I called her after her birthday, that the loan people are calling how do we fix it, Oma said she has confessed to her husband about the loan and he said she should terminate the loan.. I asked how? She said she has told me that anything I want to do, I should do it.

I called Anita Joseph and Browny and informed them, Oma later called me that for telling them that she wouldn't pay me I should do my worst.

I did first call out on Instagram, Queen Nwokoye reached out to me. We were all on conference call, Queen told her to pay up that I did her good. Oma agreed to pay up, she decided to put up her land for sale, I also helped her advertise it but we couldn't sell it.. there were no serious buyers.

The loan company that I surety for her started calling me that Oma wants to pay her loan that I should come and collect the collateral documents. I was shocked, I went to the office I saw her husband and two lawyers, Oma didn't come.. they paid off the loan, collected back their collaterals. So I told the husband that his wife pushed me to collect loan for her now she has come to pay hers forgetting the one I took for her as a guarantor. Her husband said they will settle my own, so I left.

Later on, the guy in America started calling me that he needed the money for his daughter's Medical School, she couldn't attend again because of the money, we started having issues to the extent that they had to report me to a shrine.

Someone called me from a shrine that after doing incantation that I have 14 days to come and explain.

I called my elder brother, explained to him that I just fell into the wrong hands. They called the guy in America, he said he didn't go to any shrine that he is a Christian and serves God. I spent a week in the east.

I later called Oma and shouted that her loan and interest was 21.5m how do we do it. Oma purposely pushed me into collecting this loan without intentions of paying. I told her I was in East and it was on the shrine matter. That I have also been spending money on the matter.
Oma went to pay the exact money she collected and said she won't be pay anything again. She stopped picking my calls or texts till date.

The money she gave me was 12m and she has over twenty something Million naira loan. Once she gave me the 12m I started paying back people we took money from. I have been going for meetings, my lawyer asked me to go to court but how do I ? When my landed documents is there. I can't take this loan company to court I have been doing business with them for a long time.

That's why I came out to call her out, anyone we knows Oma Should tell her to come and pay up her loan. Oma must pay to the last Kobo. I won't pay for money I didn't eat''


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