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OPINION: “Nigeria On My Mind” By Yinka Ogunde.

Yinka Ogunde.

I am one of those that have chosen not to give up on Nigeria . Despite the numerous challenges, the anger, the bitterness, ethnicity, religious bigotry and so many other things in between, we cannot afford to give up.

A few days ago after the Chatham House episode, I had a post on my Facebook page on Teamwork . It was a very brief analysis on how Teamwork can make the Dreamwork. Mind you I regard myself as largely non-partisan and I hold no party card. Within a few minutes it was stunning reading the numerous comments and the way people attacked each other .

I think it’s time for people who truly care about the future of our Nation to speak out. It not about any tribe or religion . It is really about our future.

Nearly 20 years ago, it was as if one could read the future . We created a program for secondary school students tagged ..WE ARE THE FUTURE OF OUR NATION(WATFON).
It had three core objectives
To promote unity
To inspire patriotism
To raise role models
Now I truly wish we could have continued and pushed it aggressively . We might have been able to have a very positive influence on the “WOKE” generation.

Is there hope?

Yes a lot of hope . We must however create that environment. We must give young Nigerians reason to hope again. We must avoid this aggressive sowing of “seeds of discord”.
Dreamer… perhaps
Patriotic …,100%

We can all point out all the things that are wrong. Of course we are right. Things are bad but in the midst of that lie’s tremendous opportunities to make a difference.

Do I have solutions! ! A few but we must all choose to save our country.

Let’s change the narrative about our Nation

Yinka Ogunde is a Nation builder and an educationist.


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