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Police In Lagos Rescues TWO-IGBO CHILDREN Abandoned By Their Mother In Marina.

Shonton & Chidera Chukwu.

The Lagos State Police command has rescued two boys namely, Chidera and Shonton Chukwu who were probably abandoned by their mother in the Marina area of Lagos, yesterday, the 2nd of December.

According to a post on the official Twitter page of the state command, it was stated thus, “Our patrol team at Marina this evening (6:00 p.m) saw two under-age boys on the expressway about to be ran over by speeding vehicles. The boys, Chidara, 5 years and Shonton Chukwu, 3 years disclosed that their mother boarded a car and left them.

According to information available to “Precious Eze’s Blog”, the team took the children to Adeniji -Adele Police Division for them to be re -united with their parents, but we wonder how this option would work if truly their mother abandoned them, but comments under the posted from people who claimed to have seen the boys before, had it that their mother was possibly as mentally challenged woman who goes from one area of the city to another side begging with them. 

Our assumption is that maybe, she got tired of having them disturb her any former and had to abandon them for others to inherit. 


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