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Majority Of POS Machine Owners Are Bank Staff – Ayegba.

Godwin Emefiele.

Currency sales by commercial banks are the new business in town now; banks now sell even the old currency via POS operators; This is despicable; and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), including security agencies, are doing nothing about this ongoing humongous corruption ongoing. I see a crisis looming which will go beyond #ENDSARS, and this time, people will be surprised at those who will lead it because this has to do with daily survival.

But why does APC consider the currency redesign as against the party only? It’s affecting all of us. It would have been considered a good policy against vote buying. Still, I think this failure is the making of corrupt commercial bank managers and the lack of enforcement by the APC and Law Enforcement Agencies.

I have it from a reliable source (a mobile police officer) who informed me about how he and some of his colleagues went with a politician to collect 60 Million Naira of newly redesigned currency notes from a bank. I have been to two POS stands between Sunday and today, but the POS operators, owned mainly by bank staff ( on proxy arrangements), sell the new naira notes at N2000 per every N10,000. I have received countless such reports between Kogi State and Abia State, and I believe it is nationwide.

I don’t blame Emefiele per se because similar fact evidence speaks for itself, to wit, that Buhari changes currency any time he is in power. I know that there is no way Emefiele would have embarked on the naira redesign if Buhari was not behind him. I am pretty sure that it is a Buhari idea, ab initio.


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