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MAGNUS ABE: A Cacophony Of Empty & Deceitful Words - Rivers PDP.

Sen. Magnus Abe.

The Peoples Democratic Party has responded to comments made by the defeated flagbearer of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Senator Magnus Abe.

The party said in a statement, "Abe is simply trying be a show boy whose pride has been hurt by the people. Our dear Senator was disowned in field because governance is not a matter of show boyship."

According to the Director of Publicity and Communications of the party's campaign organization, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, Abe who has been crowing on television is a spent force.

‘’Apart from running to the media all the time to grandstand, Senator Magnus Abe is a spent political force in Rivers State. He is like the proverbial tortoise who went to the wrestling ground and scattered everything in sight so it can be said a titanic fight took place.

‘’Abe knows the truth that he is not admitting. Even if elections were to be held a 100 times in Rivers State, Abe will lose a 100 times against the PDP. 

‘’We do not intend to hold brief either for law enforcement agents or INEC,  but our take is, Abe is fabricating so many tactless lies which cannot be substantiated. How many lies can a man tell himself?

‘’The Senator broke out of the APC. In doing so, he left with votes that could have gone to the APC. Dumo Lulu Briggs also left the APC. 

‘’Like Abe, he (Dumo) moved with part of the support base of the APC to Accord. Tonye Cole, faced with a stream of defections, struggled with what was left of APC votes. How could this former and present APC members hope to defeat the PDP which was intact under the leadership of Governor Nyesom Wike?

‘’Abe and others like him should be good sportsmen. They have lost, they have lost. As good sportsmen, who understand what it is to cultivate urbane democratic manners, we implore them to congratulate the eventual winner of the  election and move on.

Rivers people and indeed other rational Nigerians are bored by these lamb tales from Shakespeare. Abe cried against Amaechi. Now he is crying against the Police, INEC and Governor Nyesom Wike. For how long shall he tell these endless tales?

‘’The Senator who was rejected by his own people in Gokana should quietly go into his room. Abe knows what to do. He should go to the Tribunal and state his case. Enough of this thrash!

‘’In case Abe does not remember, let us remind him. Election security is planned by INEC and the security agencies. State governors do not control police. They do not control the army and other security apparatuses. 

‘’Abe should stop deceiving Nigerians by saying Wike did not provide adequate security. Governors have consistently told Nigerians they are chief security officers in name. 

‘’Abe who audaciously infiltrated INEC's security network to obtain high level security cards which he gave to his thugs and supporters to pose as security agents should tell Nigerians why those characters where declared wanted.

‘’Elections are over. Abe should conduct himself as a decent gentleman. Abe should not force the PDP to expose his underbelly. Abe would not like what will happen if he continues with his evil ways."

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