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Spanish Ambassador with Pretty Okafor.

As part of the 3 day Vis-à-vis Music Festival recently organized by the embassy of Spain in Nigeria, the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC) in collaboration with the Performing Musicians Employers Association Of Nigeria (PMAN) and Musical Copyright Society Of Nigeria (MCSN) held a music roundtable for the music sector with the theme - MAXIMISING THE INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION OF MUSIC AS A VEHICLE OF CULTURE.  The roundtable event was hosted at THE NIGERIAN MUSIC HOUSE - PMAN’s corporate Headquarters In Lagos On Friday 24 March 2023.

The roundtable moderated by the Arts editor of the Nations Newspaper Mr. Ozolua Uhakheme had a lead discussion by 7 speakers who sought to explore the issues and pathways to optimize the benefit of the Nigerian music economy. 

It also shared experiences and exchanged ways Nigeria with its rich cultural heritage and huge trove of creative talents especially in the area of music can from the beats it produces derived from our culture and currently reverberating and accepted globally can benefit from same compared with its counterparts abroad. The lead speakers at the roundtable included Mr. Pretty Okafor – President PMAN, Mr. Mayo Ayilaran – CEO MCSN, MPAN Representative, Mr. Vincente Sanchis – Director SGAE, Mr. Julio Gomez – Sin Sal Festival Representative – Mr. Julio Gomez, NTDA representative and the NCC representative – Mr. Michael Akpan

The event was attended by CEOS of government agencies, music industry stakeholders, members of the embassy of Spain in Nigeria and others including the Spanish ambassador to Nigeria Juan Sell, the Deputy head of mission Juan Torres Reus. The consular General Abuja Patricia Gomez lanzaco, The consular General Lagos -Daniel losada Millar, The Spanish collective management organization SGAE represented by Vincent Sanchis.

Morera, A few music producers and festival directors from Spain, NCC DG Dr John Asein, MCSN GM Louis Udoh, PMAN 1st and 2nd Vice President Sunny Neji, Zakky Azzay, GoCreate President Asha Gangali, Leading Music Professional Olisa Adibua, Festivals Promoter/Producer & Inspiro Productions CEO Ayoola Sadare, Representatives of Banwo & Ighodalo law firm and a host of other reputable and prominent stakeholders members of the music business.

PMAN President Mr. Pretty Okafor made it clear that only registered members of PMAN shall benefit from the collaboration and other music activities initiated by PMAN,owing to the fact that all musicians/practitioners are suppose to register with PMAN which is the only trade union approved by the federal government to oversee the affairs of music in Nigeria.

PMAN President urges all musicians to register with PMAN such that PMAN would protect and project them in all ramifications as it concerns music in Nigeria and beyond.

Another good news for musicians is that life and health insurance covers you when you register and become a member of PMAN.  Recommendation by PMAN for procurement of entry visa into any county around the world is guaranteed if you are s registered member of PMAN.

Further more, PMAN shall provide legal assistance to all registered members, PMAN President Mr. Pretty Okafor stated.


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