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Sim Fubara Will Make Rivers State An Investment Destination In Africa - Ibim Semanitari Assures.

Sim Fubara.

Former Commissioner for Information and Communications in Rivers State, Chief Mrs. Ibim Semenitari has assured River State people that voting the Governorship candidate of the PDP will bring multiples development to the state.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, Ibim, who is also the Director of New Media in the PDP Campaign Council for the Rivers State governorship election, boasted that Siminalayi Fubara, stand tall among other candidates in the March 18 gubernatorial election in the state.

Semenitari pointed to Fubara's policies, as contained in his manifesto, titled 'A Blueprint for a Greater Rivers State', will bring much-needed change and development to the state, including improved infrastructure, more job opportunities, and better access to health care and education.

"Fubara's policies outline plans to create greater economic opportunities by providing tax incentives to businesses, expanding access to health care and education by investing in the public sector, and improving infrastructure by investing in roads, ports, and other infrastructure projects," Semenitari told newsmen.

According to Semenitari, the 38-page manifesto prioritizes agriculture, industrialization, infrastructure, education, and healthcare. These five areas are intended to drive economic growth and development in Rivers State, as well as create jobs and reduce poverty. They are also seen as key elements for the state to achieve its vision for the future.

Siminalayi Fubara demonstrates his commitment to making Rivers State a premier investment destination in Africa with the implementation of his manifesto, according to Ibim Semanitari.

Ibim Semanitari also highlighted the governorship candidate's efforts to improve infrastructure, promote economic development, and create a conducive environment for investments. She also commended Fubara for his commitment to making Rivers State a competitive destination for foreign direct investments.


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