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SIMINALAYI FUBARA: For A Rivers State That Benefits All - By Precious Eze.

Sim Fubara.

The campaigning for votes of electorates has finally come to an end, less than 24 hours before the Rivers State governorship election on Saturday, March 18, and all 27 other states across the country, this weekend, Precious Eze writes.

The battle for the soul of Rivers among the contenders has been a marathon race, rather than a sprint, focusing on the long term, since May 2022, when primary elections were held in most of the leading parties in the state.

The campaigns, so far, have been focused on engaging voters across the state, and have been marked by intense competition between the candidates in their respective parties. Then, the one-week extension of the election from March 11 to 18 by INEC, on the grounds that BIVAS needs more days to be fully configured also resulted in a prolonged battle where all sides have sought to make their case to voters while trying to discredit their opponents.

The campaigns have been quite heated, as each candidate has sought to differentiate themselves from the competition and convince voters to support them.

One candidate whose campaign style, discipline, and experience have stood him out from the others is Siminalayi Fubara. Siminalayi has run a well-organized campaign, highlighting his experience and previous successes. He has also been able to differentiate himself from the other candidates through his unique policy proposals and his focus on economic issues.

He has proven to be the candidate that Rivers people can trust for equitable governance. He has been able to demonstrate his commitment to the people of Rivers through his actions, not just his words. He has engaged in numerous community events, participated in conversations with the media, and made a point to reach out to people of all backgrounds to discuss his platform. This has built a strong level of trust between Siminalayi and the people of Rivers.

An equitable and fair leader is one that listens, and Siminalayi Fubara has ensured this by visiting all 23 local government areas of the state. By engaging with the public and actively listening to the issues that matter to them, Siminalayi has been able to gain the trust of the people of Rivers. He has promised that his government, upon assumption of office will make decisions that take into account the needs of all of the people in the state, regardless of background.

Siminalayi has continued to attract several endorsements from different organizations, including some rival parties collapsing their structure to endorse him as the worthy man for the Rivers state top job.

In part, this can be attributed to his longstanding advocacy for the betterment of Rivers State, his political ideology, which resonates with the people of the state, and his outstanding leadership abilities. His ability to convince people from different backgrounds and political affiliations that he is the ideal candidate for the position of Governor of Rivers State has been impressive.

Some of the organizations that have endorsed Fubara are Rivers Professionals (RivPro), Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), Religious Bodies, Leadership of the Labour Party in Rivers, and the list of endorsement badges are endless.

These endorsements are significant for Fubara because they demonstrate that he has the support of organizations from different sectors of the state. This indicates that he is a reliable and trustworthy candidate and will bring positive change to Rivers State.

The opposition can already smell the loss ahead of Saturday's election and have started to cry blue murder! The latest of their finger-pointing is accusing, without evidence, the ruling PDP of conniving with INEC and security agencies to rig the election In Rivers.

The PDP has consistently followed the rules and regulations of the electoral process, and there is no evidence to suggest that they have been involved in any impropriety. In addition, INEC and security agencies have been diligent in ensuring the election is fair and free from any manipulation.

The tantrums notwithstanding, PDP's Siminalayi Fubara remains formidable as he takes stock of his diligent work thus far, to deliver him victory, as several independent election polls and political pundits have predicted.

His campaign strategy of focusing on critical issues such as health care, education, and employment has resonated with the electorate and he has been able to gain widespread support. His record of delivering practical solutions to local issues has also endeared him to many voters and he is seen as a strong and capable leader.

This is evidenced by the fact that he has had a consistent lead in the polls and received endorsements from various stakeholders, including local and national organizations. The success of his campaign can also be attributed to his strong communication skills and his ability to connect with voters on a personal level.


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