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APOSTLE ABRAHAM EZAZA: A Nigerian Political Juggernaut With History Of Grassroot Mobilization Strategy.

Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza.

In a political dispensation such as we have in Nigeria today, a chat with or an opportunity to meet with one of the silent national political machine of the moment that any Presidential and or National political Office Seekers need to know and quickly make contact with is APOSTLE DR. ABRAHAM EZAZA. Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza is a renown grassroot political mass mobiliser, a seasoned national politician and a dynamic man of God with an extraordinary knowledge of the Holy Scriptures running a thriving ministry in Abuja and abroad.

He is a dedicated and avowed lover of the Unity, Peace and Stability of the Nigerian State with his life and the great love he has for his God is second to none.

Let’s enjoy reading some of his great qualities and discover his socio political usefulness to the building of a one united great and progressive Nigeria on this discuss.

Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza is a man of many parts with so much diversities and from many parts.

His father hails from Isoko ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Delta while his own mother, a Nigerian Northern Muslim Hajia that hails from Loko-London of Nasarawa State of the Middle Belt zone of Nigeria. This means that he is a true son of the soil of Nigeria by birth. His passionate  interest in building a one united Nigeria nation cannot be easily compromised, as he is indeed a mass human connecting and thus voting mobilizer. He is indeed a great politician and highly enthusiastic person. As a strong believer in one united Nigeria, with his political clout cutting across all ages starting from the early Democratic days of Alhaji Shehu Shagari till date.

He may not necessarily have contested any election as a core party man since 1979 as the case is always, but doing a good job of helping and coordinating candidates and supporters to win elections at different levels of governance has always been his delight. One truth we can’t deny Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza is that of his gamut of connectivity of human resources nationwide. His word as far as politics is concern is a law in Nigerian political space. Truly Tested and Trusted.

He has been at the frontlines, galvanizing National Politics and building bridges across the 6 geo political zones of Nigeria. His contacts and connections across the globe knows no bound. His political permutations and calculations hardly go wrong. There is no local government area in Nigeria that Apostle Dr. Ezaza has got no friend or follower as far as political clouts are concerned.

Some of his socio political exploits and areas of competence can be known as follows but not limited to:

1.     He was amongst the best of brains behind the formation of ABN – Association of Better Nigerians in the hay days of IBB’s regime in Nigeria.

2.     He co-founded the great ANYA – Amalgamation of Nigerian Youth Association, in the days of General Sanni Abacha. May his soul rest in peace.

3.     He was also a core member of the NYO – Nigerian Youth Organization for the mobilisation of the Nigerian Youth across the nation.

4.     He was a key member and fellow of Abacha the Concrete Reality – Promoting the Home grown Democratic process and Diarchy. He was there when PDP was founded by the G8 at Sheraton Hotels & Towers and a core member of PDP – NSO.

5.     He was founding member of NCRSTD – National Council for the Restoration of  Sanity and True Democracy under the Abacha Regime. It was their policy pressure that led to the creation of the present day ministry of Youth Development in the country.

6.     During the days of Chief and General Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, Apostle Ezaza single handedly mobilize friends and associates from the Niger Delta to promote FOMO – Friends Of Marwa Organization with the sole aim of Campaigning with and for Brigadier General Mohammed Buba Marwa’s Presidential Bid 2003-2007.

7.     He was an integral part and founder of the great NPIG – National Peace Initiative Group – with which pressure was mounted and advocated for the establishment of the current and still subsisting Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, created during the days of President Alhaji Umar Musa Yar’Adua and having gathered his team to establish the one time very popular YGNSO prior to the Presidential Election of Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan.

8.     As a notable mass mobiliser, Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza doing what he knows how to do best created YGNSO – which is YAR’ADUA GOODLUCK NATIONAL SUPPORT ORGANIZATION from where some of the members became Federal Cabinet Members as a reward for his great campaign support for the duo.

9.     Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza as a chief strategic campaigner founded the great DG4 – known as DR. GOODLUCK 4 GOOD GOVERNANCE GROUP, a formidable group of over 3 million members across Nigeria that went across the country campaigning for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan re-election bid in 2011 and beyond. It was indeed a huge success across Nigeria.

10.  He was solely responsible for the mass mobilisation of grassroot and elite voters and ardent grassroot Political support groups from across the country, well received country wide with over 2.8 to 3.0 million adult PVC holders who are indeed Nigerians are his ardent followers, they are sincere, visible and registered voters who are always at his beck and call any day any time to vote whoever he directs them to follow and vote for. Whatever cause he chose to support they all give heed to unquestionably.

11.  In 2019, Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza was able to single handedly mobilise over 3 million voters for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON and Peter Obi using his popularly created entity known and addressed as APSG – ATIKU OBI PRESIDENTIAL SUPPORT GROUP. During that time, it stood on record till date that he was the one and only group mobiliser who moved over 369 members of his group drawn from across the nation to visit Atiku at his Asokoro House as a prelude to national campaign take off. We won that election hands down but let’s allow sleeping dog to lie.

12.  Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza as a Christian leader and political and social mobiliser, has to his credit, a credible collection of over 500 registered Bishops and Pastors drawn from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria who are followers of his political direction at will. Having been proven and tested over time. Whatever Apostle advises politically, is highly carried by the college of Bishops and Pastors nationwide with their fellowship members following it for tat.

13.  The current dispensation of APC though not very favourable initially to him and his followers due to the way the 2019 Election went, has not only spur him to do more, but has also led him to create another platform which he has been nurturing singlehandedly now and addressed as APSGG and NCDF. APSGG meaning – ASSOCIATION OF PATRIOTIC SUPPORTERS OF GOOD GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA, a platform that has no party affiliations, but, being put together for the purpose of mobilising support for any viable and acceptable presidential candidate of choice who will engeder peace and unity to Nigeria towards the 2023 Election.

1.     Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza has also created NATIONAL COALITION OF DEMOCRATIC FRONTS for the singular purpose of mobilising and harnessing all the various small and medium groups of political mobilisers who are desirous of partnering with him to forge a Mega front that will entail helping them to campaign and reach out to the grassroot voters for any particular Party of Choice and personality.

2.     Understanding that all Politics is local, Apostle Dr. Ezaza quickly returned home to his paternal base at Isoko of the Niger Delta to affiliate and register his membership with All Progressive Congress. As a loyal Party Member of his Unit and Ward, and went on to create a new national political frontiers at the victory of ASIWAJU THE JAGABAN OF AFRICA from the APC Presidential Primaries and ultimately operated a new socio political group named and known as TSPSO-NIGERIA – TINUBU SHETIMMA PRESIDENTIAL SUPPORT ORGANISATION. This noble Organisation an offshoot of APSGG-NIGERIA and NCDF went full blast to mobilise support and campaigned so vehemently across the length and breath of Nigeria attending all national and State rallies of the APC at his own personal cost. He found his name amongst the list of the high and mighty APC PCC platform as a member of the Special Duties IV Team mates. With that he was able to lead a team of canvassers to reach out to the Niger Delta Creeks and jungles to mobilise voters for Asiwaju and Shetimma Ticket during the February 25th Election and all the other elections as well supporting APC as a Party member.

Above all, to the glory of God Almighty, he is a dynamic man of God full of grace, and a Prophetic prayer warrior whose team of Prayer Warriors knows no bound. He is the President and Founder of GRACE APOSTOLIC FIRE MINISTRIES INC. based in Abuja. The prayer team for Nigeria is a never say die teammates whose commitment to praying for Nigerian leaders and the nation never ceases.

Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza’s political sagacity and dexterity is one that political scientists need to study in schools to comprehend. His God given divine ability to navigate through regions, speaking and understanding both Hausa, Isoko, Agatu and English Language can only attest to the wise. This actually helped a great deal to the actualisation of the 2023 electoral victory as grassroot voters and supporters, especially having worked and won the 2023 Presidential Elections with so many Distinguished Senators and members of House of Representatives returning and new ones to his credit, he is one man, the political system needs now as the one with the magic wand.

A close walk with Apostle Dr Abraham Ezaza is a walk with destiny.

Apostle Dr. Abraham Ezaza is happily married to his wife Revd. Mrs. Maris O. Ezaza and blessed with Children. A graduate of political science and also awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree of Theology and Administration by Faith University.


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