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Nollywood Actor, Ini Edo & The Untold Story Behind Her Denial Of Empress Njama's Ex-Lover, George Wade.

Ini Edo.

There are issues hidden about the story told by Nollywood actor, Iniobong Edo Etim, popularly call Ini Edo concerning her relationship with the blackmailer former boyfriend of another actor, Empress Njama, George Wade.

Ini Edo, had denounced reports of an affair with George Wade, for fear of being associated with him or for being in a relationship with some who has been associated in a very bad way with her colleague actor, Empress Njamah and had to rush to do a clean up or what we call, damage control so as not to damage her price tag in the market.

According to information available to “Precious Eze’s Blog” exclusively, the real crux of the matter is that with such an information going out consistently at this time, it may affect her relationship with the father of her new daughter, who we are told, got a bite worried for his own reputation, being a former Governor of her state and a former Senator, who only got re-elected into the senator.

Social media had been agog with an alleged affair between the duo after reports claimed that Ini Edo’s video and international passport were recovered from George Wade after being arrested by Liberian Police.

Ini Edo's international passport.

But on Tuesday during an Instagram live session, the Ini Edo dispelled the romantic affair rumors, explaining that Wade had contacted her posing as a movie producer who wanted to cast her in his movie, but did not “mention how her international passport got into his hands and had it till his arrest

She only revealed that during their conversation, he drifted and started proposing a relationship with her, which she declined instantly and had to block his line, but did not speak on the issue of him being in possession of a vital document of hers which is her international passport, if all they did was converse on the phone as she claimed.

According to her, “I just turned on my phone and I’m being bombarded with lots of accusations. I don’t know why people are dragging me into the web of lies. “Someone messaged me with a foreign number sometime last year, August/September/November. Someone called me and said he wanted to work with me and when I asked how he got my number, he said a colleague gave it to him.”

The three musketeers. 

The fact also that Ini Edo couldn’t remember whether it was in August, or September or in November that George Wade called or messaged her lives more to be desired from the story, but the real truth is that the father of her daughter, the man whom she is an unofficial second wife to, felt embarrassed by the whole issue, especially being that the same George Wade was the one accused of leaking very sensitive videos of another Nollywood actor, Empress Njama, felt very embarrassing to him, to she had to speak to buy face and prove to her unofficial husband that she is a SAINT in all of these drama.

How anyone would lose their International Passport since August or September or October and moved on as if nothing happened still beats my imagination. Then again, having access to someone's International Passport of all things is not that easy. It is either Ini sent it to George through courier or he took it from her at her place after a season of "PLATE WASHING" which is his prowess.


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