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Veteran Nollywood Actor, Dolly Unachukwu Bags A Masters Degree In The UK.

Dolly Unachukwu.

Veteran Nollywood actor and one of the shinning lights of the entertainment industry in Nigeria, otherwise known as Nollywood, Dolly Unachukwu has finally achieved her dream of acquiring quality education which she couldn't all the while because of her job, raising her children and relocation too.

In her speech after her certificate was presented to her, Auntie Dolly Unachukwu as I would love to call her wrote: "Let me share with you a short story about STRETCHING FURTHER. I have always been an ardent lover of knowledge since childhood. I have always wanted to acquire enough knowledge as I could not not because I saw them as a means to getting the best life opportunities, but because I wanted to unravel developments as much as possible in various fields of human endeavours. I have always wanted to know something about everything.

Continuing, Auntie Dolly says, "However, children came, life happened. I couldn't do much, learn much, or acquire knowledge as I could with the kids growing up. You know that feeling of redundancy or stagnancy that raising kids gives with the act of 'do it yourself' in this part of the world, especially when you are a woman with lots of goals?

I couldn't move up the ladder in my acting career (I had to be away from the children often to do that). I couldn't read further. I couldn't STRETCH FURTHER. It was just me and the kids. I found my love for the kids exceeding my personal goals and watching the kids grow became my only joy.

The kids became adults and it was time to STRETCH FURTHER. It was time to read further. It was time for ME.

Son to every young mother wallowing between the urge for personal growth and task of raising the kids. Keep going!! To every older woman that thinks it's too late to acquire that knowledge, it isn't, just keep going. As long as you have life, it's never too late.

Sometimes, you may think it's too late but it isn't. Time is such a natural referee. It blows the whistle of motion for you at the right moment. You only have a job when this referee (time) blows the whistle. MOVE. Then, you move

So, I just bagged myself a Master's Degree in Special Needs. It was tough, but I kept going!! The Lord made it possible, and it is perfect. 

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