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Which Man Will Make Nollywood Actor, Mercy Aigbe, Convert Back To Christianity?

Mercy Aigbe.

Nollywood Actor, Mercy Aigbe, was said to have dished her Christian faith for Islam after snatching and marrying a married man, Mr. Kazeem Adeoti in 2022 with all the controversies that enveloped the marriage and this year, she has converted fully to Islam on the altar of marriage with a change of name which she announced after hosting her friends, colleagues, and family to a Ramadan lecture, at the weekend.

According to information, the success of the event led her to confirm during an interview that she was leaving the Christianity faith for Islam and in a widely circulated video, she was seen reintroducing herself with names that included a Muslim title, urging Nigerians to now address her as Hajia Meenah Mercy Adeoti.

She says, “Insha Allah, My new name is Hajia Meenah Mercy Adeoti. Meenah with the H. I’m so so so excited. I feel fulfilled actually. This is actually my first Ramadan lecture and then Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam. It’s like gathering people and letting them be aware of what Allah says, so that we can follow the rules that Allah has set. So I’m so happy that people that we called came here,” she said in the video.

You would recall that Mr. married Kazeem Adeoti in 2022 and was accused of an extramarital affair while she was married to her ex, Lanre Gentry, an accusation she denied, saying she had constantly been lied against despite explaining her situation and telling her side of the story.

But one-thing still baffles some of us who are watching these developments from the outside and it is that, what says Mercy would not come out tomorrow to also claim that Mr. Kazeem Adeoti lied to her too, also inviting make-up artists to design her face and call the press to record that she was being beaten, same way she accused Lanre Gentry?

Who also says that another rich man or husband of another woman will not arise tomorrow, buy her over, marry her and make her convert back to Christianity? These female actors are in the market place looking for the highest bidder, whose bargaining and purchasing power is higher than the previous person and you would see them move like a sheep with a shepherd.

So, some of us are looking forward to the day Mercy Aigbe, sorry, Hajia Meenah Mercy Adeoti would change her name again and maybe, travel with the man to Israel for pilgrimage, then return to announce a change in her name again. 


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