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EXCLUSIVE: Nduka Obaigbena’s ARISE NEWS Knocks Channels Television Off Relevance In The Broadcast Industry In Nigeria.

Prince Nduka Obaigbena.

It's no longer secret that Channels Television had enjoyed perennial dominance of Nigeria's broadcast industry for close to two decades, as the broadcast awards had almost turned an annual ritual for TV channel as it's almost certain that at least for the Best TV Station's category is always a sure banker for Channels TV to win.

Many stations had tried to contest this much coveted trophy almost to no avail, as the Channels staff tromped the media scope as the poster stars of the profession, even though a few professionals had tried to challenge this narrative with some degree of success but these efforts still continue to draw huge controversy.

Ngozi Alaegbu.

After a very long drawn dominance, one man with a strong visionary instinct and a midas torch stepped up to change the narrative by creating the AriseNews which has now become the game changer and this man’s name is Prince Nduka Obaigbena.

Instinctively he knew where to put the plugs after ten years of assembling a strong team of high performing professionals ofcourse with good pay, cutting edge equipment, clinching the Global Emy Awards.
Ayo Mairo-Ese.

Ten years after the coming on stage of Arise Global Media, Prince Obaigbena knew it's high time his station takes the centre stage and as a master strategist himself, was finally able to assembly a complete team from the back room staff the Producers, Reporters and Anchors.

Everyone who saw the galaxy of seasoned Professionals knew it's a winning team, though some doubted him without knowing where he was headed, but he was determined to dislodge a few of the players who had thought the game was their birth-right and with the 2023 elections which was the litmus test, as the Arise Crew delivered a top notch and impeccable professional coverage.

Omo Bazuaye.

Arise News, just like she did during the EndSars incident, was with no one else but the Nigeria people, other than moneybags who were willing to buy everyone and everything media.

Let's now take a close look at some of the staff members who Prince, Coach, Guru, Veteran Nduka used to turn the tides and consequently ending the era of Channels TV dominance and eventually winning Nigeria's highest broadcast Professional trophy, ripping the spots and sweeping most of the categories to win the Broadcasting Organisation Awards.

Gbenga Ashiru.

Rufai Oseni - Fondly called Ru-fire by his teeming social media fans, Rufai consistently sets the media world on fire as he takes on his guests without fear or favour, devoid preference for your status or societal standing. He has also been enmeshed in some controversies but continues to enjoy the undying support of his fans who continues to stay glued to watch him on the “Morning Show on Arise News”.

Ayo Mairo-Ese - After a successful era on Radio, she was thought to be not exactly certain to fill the large shoes Tudun Abiola, who left during the presidential campaigns era left. She shocked the viewers of the Morning Show on Arise News with her composure and robust analysis of even the complex(iest) issues in the news.

Dr. Reuben Abati.

Dr. Reuben Abati - The Don, needs no introduction as he comes with vast experience providing inspiration on set with superior insight to issues. A former Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Guardian Newspapers, a former Special Adviser Media to a former President, though his Critics feel he could be sometimes partisan due to his past affiliation or for lack of a better word, current affiliation with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, a party he was the Deputy Governorship candidate on.

Kayode Akintemi- He's one of the Channels exodus, he rejoined the Arise team as the 2023 election adviser, providing strategic insights in the coverage of the election.
Mr. Akintemi is well exposed and has a strong pedigree of repositioning several stations including Channels TV where he was the General Manager Operations, though he failed woefully to bring his wealth of experience to bear when he was put in charge of ailing station, PLUSTV Africa, which he ran aground and left to join Arise News, especially with his reputation of office romance with some of his female staff.

Rufai Oseni.

Ngozi Alaegbu – a breadth of fresh air on TV, a bridge between yesterday and today of Nigeria’s broadcasting, the only broadcaster who knows how to pronounce every name, regardless of where the name is from, said to be the Rosemary Church of Nigerian television today. Ngozi Alaegbu has been with DBN, where she started her broadcasting from with the likes of NTA’s best, Claire Adelabu-Abdulrasaq, then joined MBI, STV, NTA with her stint as an anchor on the now rested “AM EXPRESS” still being studies and then to TVC, where she made her mark, but had to leave to join Arise News because the CEO, Andrew Hanlon didn’t want her face on air, but she felt it was the Director of News, Stella Din-Jacob. Ngozi exudes amazing confidence and seasoned professional poise in her News delivery. She is blessed with two grand-children with a son, Ladi Williams of Channels Television.

Sulaiman Aledeh - Arguably one of the most polished Anchors in Africa, he comes across well researched with rich residual knowledge. He was one of the leading Anchors back in his day at Channels TV, many have wondered how on earth would they let him go. Today Sulai is back on stage doing what he knows best to the delight of his fans. Jokingly though, I call him the “ASHEWO” of the industry, haven traversed all the major broadcast platforms that the day he decides to leave Arise News, he would be headed to Steve Ojo’s Galaxy Television or he would quit completely.

Sulaiman Alede.

Gbenga Ashiru – this one is arguably one of the most influential Producers in Africa.
He has a way with the high profile guests, reputed to have interviewed many Nigeria's and Africa's President, like the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari, Olusegun Obasanjo, Shehu Shagari, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, Amos Sawyer, Ellen Johnson of Liberia, John Mahama and John Kuffour of Ghana. Olugbenga was the secret power house of the Number 1 show of Channels TV, “Politics Today”, many see him as a collectors item. He however shocked many by switching role as a prodigious reporter where he mesmerized the nation with his highly professional reportage. He remains a collector item for the industry and yes, did you see any of his reports during the 2023 presidential election, especially the report from Kano State?

Onyi Sunday.

Omo Bazuaye - Formerly of AIT, an experienced and highly professional reporter, no doubt a huge loss to High Chief Raymond Dokpesi.

Godwin Eshemoghe - Formerly of Steve Ojo’s Galaxy Television, who has started to enjoy a huge patronage, commanding much respect with his reportage, This new sensation has a bright future ahead of him.

Ovieteme George.

Ovieteme George - No doubt the rave of the moment, 2023 is surely a year he won't forget in a hurry, winning the BON awards for the best reporter of the year. His passion and painstaking determination testifies to why he won the award. You really need to see reports from Ovieteme George to testify to his reportorial prowess.

Then comes the “AGBANI DAREGO” of Arise News, Oyin Sunday, now Manager in the Media department of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited. She broke the glass ceiling with her daring reportage of oil theft in Niger Delta, for which she was nominated at the just concluded BON awards Best Reporter category.

Kayode Akintemi.

Congratulations would be in order to Prince Nduka Obaigbena for putting such a marvelous team together and kudos also to the Management team led by Emmanuel Efeni, Deputy Managing Director Lagos, Bayo Awosemo, Deputy Managing Director Abuja, Chris Oghodo, Managing Editor, Sumner Sambo, Director News Abuja, Yemi Ajayi, Director News Lagos, Tobi Soniyi, Deputy Director, News Abuja and Ohi Odiai, Deputy Director Lagos.

We await the next 10yrs.

Written by the Publisher.


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