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Members Of The Abia State House Of Assembly Rejects Innoson SUV’s As Official Cars, Preferring Toyota Prado Jeeps.

Alex Otti.

News reaching “Precious Eze’s Blog” this morning has it that members of the Abia State House of Assembly has rejected the officials cars presented to them by the Governor, Alex Otti, preferring the use of Toyota Prado instead.

The Governor, Alex Otti in his bid to encourage local manufacturers, choose Innoson Motors SUV as the official vehicles for Abia State and went ahead to purchase some for members of the Abia State House of Assembly, who later rejected the cars, saying they would prefer Toyota Prado.

You would recall that there are 11 PDP members in the house, 10 from the Labour Party and heard Abia state assembly members with members from pockets of other party's in the house but the action could be describe as Brothers rejecting brother and nothing has been heard about.

Innoson SUV.

Declining comment on the matter, Cornel Osigwe says we should direct our enquiry to Abia State as Innoson has business with only the state government and they should answer us and not from him.

Imagine if this rejection had happened in Lagos or in Kaduna, Social Media would have been awash with diverse opinions and narratives about what and what may have happened but since this happened close to home, no one is talking about this unfortunate incident by members of the Abia State House of Assembly.


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