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Nkem Owoh, Bimbo Akintola, Akin Lewis Headline The Movie, PLAN C, Shot With ‘Sony Venice 2 Camera’ First Time In Africa.

Nkem Owoh, Bimbo Akintola, Fathia Balogun & Akin Lewis.

According to the director of PLAN C, Samuel ‘Bigsam’ Olatunji, Sany Venice 2 Camera is the same camera used for Black Panther, Avatar and Maverick movies and the movie stars the likes of veteran, Nkem Owoh, Akin Lewis, Yvonne Jegede, Bimbo Akintola, Faithia Balogun, Uzor Arukwe, Frank Donga and others

Plan C's comedic story grips you from the opening scene till the last. It tells the story of an intending couple Tishe and Nnamdi, a naughty sister, hilarious parents from both sides and host of silly friends who make the movie non-stop fun from start to finish. 

Tishe’s dad owns one of Nigeria's biggest real estate firms while Nnamdi’s father is a major land speculator. If both businesses merge, theirs will be a major conglomerate and to ensure the future of their company and cement their long-time friendship, both men resolve to force their eligible children into an arranged union. 

But the couple have other plans. Nnamdi aspires to be film producer and wants nothing to do with his dad’s business and the planned wedding. Scared of losing his inheritance if he opposes the wedding, he comes up with a plan to be kidnapped on the wedding day! He will be ransomed and with that money, start life afresh somewhere far away.

Unknown to Nnamdi, Tishe also has a similar plan in protest against the forced union. She will be kidnaped but this time she plans to put the blame on Nnamdi, his dubious friends and his career choices. In Tishe’s mind, this will show Nnamdi is not husband material. With that, her plan to take over her father’s company will be back on course. Each party enlists their friends to pull off their plans but things go horribly wrong from the start.

Uzor Arukwe with Bigsam Olatunji.

Tishe’s friends kidnap the couple on their way to the wedding. Nnamdi’s friends panic as they watch their guy being kidnapped! As Plan A fails, they go for plan B and kidnap Tishe and her friends but to the shock of both parties, PLAN C unravels as real kidnappers led by the notorious Ossai end kidnapping everyone!

While all this is going on, the couple's families have called in the police who launched a search for the bride and groom. Tishe and Nnamdi realizing they're in trouble since the kidnappers are not known to them or their friends, now it's up to the couple’s friends and naughty sister to join forces and hack a near-impossible escape.

Yvonne Jegede & Uzor Arukwe.

Directed by Samuel ‘Bigsam’ Olatunji, produced by seasoned producers led by Wale Osagie Muraina, others are Adebola Adeyela (Lizzy Jay), Bianca Ugowanne and Olukanmi Abayomi (Abazee) with Yvonne Jegede, as an associate producer, Plan C will be ready in few months and plans are in top gear to colour grade it in Hollywood. 

Speaking on the movie, the director, Bigsam said it’s an ambitious project that cost an arm and a leg. 

“Plan C is the kind of story Nollywood would be proud of. It's comedy told with depth of story, technical deft, and notable performers that will grip you from the opening scene to the last as we took our time to weave it layer upon layer because the scale of the story has prompted us to have a sequel planned. 

Plan C has major supports from Tribitat, a major real estate company led by Tony Kolawole (Aspire), Emmanuel Abikoye and Gbenga Adeleke. It’s the parent company of Billionaire Realtors Group and it is billed for theatrical run before debut on VOD platforms, Plan C is executive produced by Heavyweight Studios (Led by Samuel ‘Bigsam’ Olatunji), LizzyJay Production, Abazee Production and Bianca Ugo Studios. 


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