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Veteran Nollywood Actor, Barbara Odoh Writes An Open Letter To The AGN President, Demands Urgent Prayers To Avert Dark Clouds In The Industry.

Emeka Ejezie Rollas. MON.

When you talk about being very outspoken in the entertainment industry with bias to Nollywood, Veteran Nollywood actor, Barbara Odoh is one who cannot be overlooked and this time, she has taken it upon herself to proffer solutions to many of the challenges bedeviling the Nollywood sector of the entertainment industry.

Today, she churned out an open letter to the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Chief Emeka Ejezie Rollas (MON) on what she feel would be the solution to majority of challenges in Nollywood through an open letter.

According to Barbara, “I am writing to remind you of our recent telephone conversation precisely on the 7th day of November, 2022 at exactly 10:46AM, wherein I shared a deeply unsettling dream that I believe carries great significance for the Nigerian entertainment industry. As discussed during our call, it is crucial that immediate action be taken to avert the looming threat represented by the dark cloud in my dream.

In the dream, I witnessed a dark cloud hovering over the entertainment industry, casting a shadow of uncertainty; indicating potential challenges that could hinder the peace, progress of our beloved industry. However, I am certain that through united prayer and collective effort, we could ward off this dark cloud and restore harmony and prosperity to the Nigerian entertainment sector”.

Continuing, Barbara says, “I firmly believe that dreams can serve as powerful messages, and this particular dream has compelled me to reach out to you and emphasize the urgency of the situation. As the President of the Actor's Guild of Nigeria, you possess the authority and influence to rally our fellow actors and industry stakeholders for a focused prayer campaign. I humbly request that you take immediate action to organize a prayer gathering or any appropriate means to collectively pray for the protection and prosperity of the entertainment industry in Nigeria; 2 Chronicles 7:14 "IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY AND SEEK MY FACE AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, THEN I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND WILL FORGIVE THEIR SIN AND HEAL THEIR LAND".

Furthermore, it would be immensely beneficial to disseminate this urgent prayer request among our fellow actors and industry professionals, by raising awareness about the dream and its significance; we can unite our efforts to combat any potential challenges that lie ahead. In addition to prayer, we should also explore practical measures to enhance the industry's resilience, such as increased collaboration, advocacy, and skill development programs.

She says, “I understand that as the President of the Actor's Guild of Nigeria, you are entrusted with numerous responsibilities. However, I firmly believe that addressing this issue promptly will have a profound impact on the future of our industry and the livelihoods of countless individuals associated with it. You may also wish to keep me informed about any actions taken or plans devised to address this matter. I am more than willing to offer my assistance and support in any way possible to ensure the success of this endeavor”.

Barbara Odoh ended her letter with “You have proved that you are an amazing leader and one of the most passionate people in our industry, so I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits and congratulations on your incredible success”.


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