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OSMD Network Founder Congratulates Adedayo Adelabu On His Appointment As Minister of Power.

Adedayo Adelabu and  Dr Abisoye Fagade

The founder OSMD Network, Dr Abisoye Fagade, has congratulated the Minister of Power, Adedayo Adelabu, on his appointment in President Bola Tinubu's administration.

Fagade, in a statement, prayed that the Minister's tenure will mark the beginning of transformative change.

The statement reads: "I extend my sincerest congratulations to you, Honourable Minister of Power, on your remarkable achievement and appointment to this pivotal role. As you step into this position, I am mindful of the immense challenges that lie ahead, particularly in the realm of resolving Nigeria's enduring power crisis.

"Your new role places you at the forefront of efforts to tackle an issue that has persisted for far too long, affecting every facet of Nigerian society. The scarcity of reliable electricity has hindered economic growth, restricted educational opportunities, and impacted the overall quality of life for millions of citizens.

"I fervently pray that your tenure as Minister of Power will mark the beginning of transformative change. May you harness your wisdom, knowledge, and determination to devise comprehensive strategies that address the intricate web of issues contributing to this challenge. Collaborative efforts with experts, stakeholders, and the international community could yield innovative solutions that bring forth stable and accessible power for all Nigerians.

"Your journey will undoubtedly be demanding, but I am confident that your dedication and vision will lead to tangible advancements. May your tenure be marked by resilience, breakthroughs, and the unwavering commitment to uplift Nigeria from the shadows of its power deficit.

"As you take on this role, I send my best wishes, prayers, and hopes for success. Your work has the potential to reshape the nation's trajectory and improve the lives of countless individuals. May you find the strength and inspiration to persevere and overcome the challenges that lie ahead."

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