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VIDEO: Female Students Of UNICAL Protest Constant Sexual Harassment By Professor Cyril Ndifon, Say “We’re Tired Of Sucking His D!ck”.

Professor Cyril Ndifon.

It is becoming a norm in the University of Calabar, faculty of Law, especially for the Dean of the faculty who is embroiled in sexual harassment case brought against him by female law students who took to the street to protest his constant harassment by him.

The female students carrying placards with the inscription, “WE’RE TIRE OF SUCKING YOUR DICK” the already tired female students defiled shame to tell the world they’ve been facing in the hands of their Dean of faculty, Professor Cyril Ndifon whom this platform understand had had such dirty accusation thrown at his direction.

On the 26th of September 2016, Punch Newspaper reported that this same Professor Ndifon was suspended over sexual harassment case and was validated by the court and can be read through

So, he is a serial in this and the female students simply got tired really and decided to take some action to stop him before he stops them.


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