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I Am Not Fighting With My Colleague & Friend, Lizzy Gold - Nollywood Actor, Destiny Etiko Says.

Destiny Etiko & Lizzy Gold.

Followers of the Nigerian movie industry would agree that these prolific role interpreters in their own individual rights, Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold are very good friends, apart from being colleagues, they appear together on different movie projects, especially those being produced by Destiny, but in recent times, the two seemed to have separated.

"Precious Eze's Blog" got a scoop that the two were fighting and not in talking terms and the platform felt it was necessary for us to hear from the both of them, especially when Nigerians had started noticing the separation which was made evident when Destiny shot her last movie and invited "DEY DIDN'T CAUGHT ME STAR" James Brown as one of the lead characters.

The scoop we got had it that even if Lizzy Gold was not casted in the recent movie by Destiny, it was unusual not to have seem her anywhere near the location, airport or atleast make an appearance to give moral support to her friend.

So, "Precious Eze's Blog" reached out both Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold over the information of a fight between them and this is what we got.

Destiny Etiko in her humble, polite and humane personality responded to our enquiry thus "Am not fighting with Lizzy at al, she is still my friend and colleague pls. Thanks" showing the kind of human being she is, who respects the media and would never want to be quoted out of context but Lizzy Gold ignored us even when the message showed it had been read and did not respond till press time.

It is either Lizzy Gold did not see the importance in responding to a polite enquiry sent to her or did not see the issue raised an import one for her to bother herself with or maybe, she was busier than Destiny Etiko who responded almost immediately the message got to her.

Lizzy Gold's action is one of the reason bloggers or media people do not bother to reach-out to people especially those of them in Nollywood who feel they are bigger than themselves and would not respond to issues when raised and would be the first to cry fowl when stories are twisted against them.

This platform would like to appreciate Destiny Etiko for always responding to issues when we raise them with her, a character majority of those who practice in Nollywood do not have and we hope the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Chief Emeka Rollas Ejezie, who, himself is always available for this platform will address some of these issues raised here.

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