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Musician, SOLID STAR Admitted At The Psychiatric Hospital Yaba (VIDEO).

Solid Star.

"Precious Eze's Blog" was the first platform to report that the brother of music star, Joshua Iniyezo, better known by SolidStar was said to be battling mental health issues as his brother came out on Social Media to announce he was going through some health challenge, howbeit mental, asking for his friends to come to his aid.

One thing Joseph Iniyezo, the brother of Solid Star did not mention was that he was already parading himself outside the house, walking about barefooted.

But today, this platform can confirm that Joshua Iniyezo (Solid Star) has been admitted as a mental patient at the popular Yaba Psychiatric hospital where he would be receiving treatment pending when his case which looked like a hard drug addiction is properly managed.

We hope that with this admission, Solid Star would recover fully to resume his duties of making music.

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  1. Anonymous07:01

    Na abroad Dey for carry this champ go ooo! Sad... he was one of the best!


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