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Nollywood Actor, Ijeoma Richards Survives Ghastly Road Accident, Hospitalized.

Ijeoma Richards.

One of Nollywoods prettiest faces, Ijeoma Richards is right now, recuperating in one of the highbrow hospitals in Lagos after surviving what may have been her last journeys after being involved in a ghastly road accident that came to claim her life but mercy said NO.

Ijeoma, one actor amongst actor whose yea is her yea, one of the very few Nollywood actors whose characters as not shielded in either secrecy or controversies, in this information "Precious Eze's Blog" exclusively obtained on what transpired and how she got to where she is right now even as we couldn't reach her.

It was a Nearly fatal accident that happened in far away Ondo state because she needed to be in Benin urgently and couldn’t get a flight after missing one, so she decided to use a car instead according to what we gathered so as to get to her destination quickly for work, coupled with the fact that as actors, work take them round and round and this time, she found herself heading to Benin and the car she was in ran into a trailer.

Ijeoma Richards and others who was in the car with her were rushed to the hospital immediately in Ondo, received some treatment before being brought to Lagos by her sister and as at the time of this publication, she is still in the hospital for better treatment.

You can see how bruises on her but we glorify God that nothing happened again to a Nollywood actor. It is also a wonder that this accident happened on the day of the death anniversary of her mother, which was how this platform got the gist that she was involved in an accident and started reaching out to no avail till an insider broke the story to “Precious Eze’s Blog”.                                          


Ijeoma Richards is well, though still hospitalized with some injuries, but in a better hospital in Lagos and would be out soon. We celebrate this victory with her and we wish her quick recovery as she is responding to treatment according to what we were told.

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