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I Was "BLACKLISTED" For 5yrs For Setting A Standard For Myself In Nollywood - Actor, Gideon Okeke.

Gideon Okeke.

If you know Gideon Okeke, then you know a human with high intelligence and master in the craft of make-believe and in bringing this life, written words through acting.

Gideon is one of a kind in Nollywood and he is feared by non other than the very bad people who are afraid of doing things right, which is what he is fighting to make sure is abolished in the industry, especially in making sure that artists are paid their value by either producers or directors.

This apparently have not have earned Gideon Okeke as bad name, which he is not afraid to bear so long as you end up doing the right thing.

This actor is one known to stand with whatsoever he believes in and follows through and this has come with some of its very bad challenges and had in the past, earned him a blacklisted from acting for an upward of 5yrs, which he survived and had has come back bigger and better than envisaged by those who banned him,

A few hours ago, Gideon took to his official Instagram page to speak about this, wondering if he had ever made mention of his blacklist since he return with full force to do what he know well to do, ACTING and acing it well.

According to what he posted (and ofcourse, he had been posting on alot of issues lately, especially as it concerns the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN and how the association will perform better for actors, both young and old as it relates with the ailing actor, Mr. John Okafor, aka, Mr. Ibu) he wrote: ADVERSITY IS GOOD. I thank God for everything I had to go through, to get back here. In the centre of My Spot! I'm thankful for being 'BLACKLISTED by a Certain Movie Company. 5 years it took, not 1 film I made and my crime was that I dared to set a standard for myself but I am thankful that my adversaries know hos to recite the words of Psalm 23.

Gideon Okeke shun to stardom for some of us when he started acting on Tinsel, one of the longest serving series on Africa Magic but it wasn't clear what led to his exit, but news had it that he took a walk when his demands were not met, but that is history now as he is back on the same Tinsel to continue to give some of us who are ardent viewers of the show good content for our moneys worth.

In Nollywood today, you can count a few actors who are on the same wave-length in terms of acting prowess with Gideon Okeke.

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