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Mother Of One-Year-Old Baby With Hole In The Heart Seeks N1m Aid.

Mofeoluwa Ochoche-Samuel

The mother of one-year-old Mofeoluwa Ochoche-Samuel have requested assistance for their daughter who needs N1m for an open-heart surgery for multiple holes in the heart.

Little Mofeoluwa was diagnosed with this heart defect (including a large-sized heart) at six months old.

This was contained in a medical report from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital which showed she had symptomatic congenital heart disease.

Her mother, Folakemi, while narrating her ordeal, said she gave birth to her on April 17, 2022.

She said, “Since her birth, she has been breathing fast, constantly sleeping and not eating well. She doesn’t cry out loud. It was last September when she started running a fever.”

“The doctor admitted her immediately that day, and placed her on oxygen for a month. The hospital advised us to do an X-ray.

“Upon getting the result, they discovered she has a large heart. Immediately, the doctor placed her on heart medications. After a month, the hospital referred us to a cardiologist at LUTH.”

After a series of examinations and tests, the baby was placed on oxygen at LUTH, where she spent a week and a half, she narrated.

“Mofeoluwa is only a year and five months old now. She isn’t growing: she isn’t crawling or walking. I never thought I would have a child with this kind of health issue,” lamented Folakemi.

While appealing to Nigerians, Folakemi who is a teacher said she earns N25,000 monthly.

“I won’t be able to meet up savings even if I save my entire salary for three years. I don’t want to lose my child,” she added.

The family is reaching out to the public through a non-profit organisation, Gifting Volunteer Network.

The president of the NGO, Belele David, said Mofeoluwa is among the many critical crises his organisation had helped through public interventions.

To save little Mofeoluwa Grace, all kind of donations can be made to GTCO 0874785042, Grace Mofeoluwa Ochoche-Samuel.

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