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Rector Cares Foundation & Grundfos Foundation Bring Hope To “Opi Community” Commissions Water Project In Enugu State.

The water project being commissioned.

In a significant stride towards improving the lives of underserved communities in Nigeria, the Rector Cares Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring access to clean water in partnership with Grundfos Foundation, has recently inaugurated a transformative water project in the heart of Opi Community. This community is situated within the Nsukka local government of Enugu State. This momentous occasion marks a turning point in the lives of the residents as they finally receive a  water supply station, an essential resource long overdue.

"Clean water is not just necessary; it's the cornerstone of a community's well-being and hope for a brighter future. At Rector Cares Foundation, we are dedicated to bringing that hope to every doorstep, ensuring that no one is left behind without this fundamental resource." - Onyedikachi Erete, Founder of Rector Cares Foundation.

Opi Community, like many rural areas in Nigeria, has long grappled with a severe shortage of potable water. For years, the community's residents have been compelled to rely on the arduous and often difficult task of walking miles to a local stream to collect their water supply. This daily ritual consumed a substantial amount of time and energy and posed significant health risks to the people of the Opi Community. The water fetched from the local stream was often contaminated and unsafe for consumption, leading to various waterborne diseases that afflicted the community's residents. Children, in particular, bore the brunt of this crisis, with their education and overall well-being compromised due to the hours spent fetching water, which could have been better invested in learning and play. To access a very clean water source for the Opi community, the foundation had to drill almost 900 ft underground. 

Recognising the dire need for clean and accessible water sources in rural Nigeria, the Rector Cares Foundation has emerged as a hope for communities like Opi. The foundation's commitment to addressing the water crisis is part of its mission to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for underserved populations. The foundation has provided clean water to over 70,000 people and counting across Lagos, Abia, Imo and Enugu states. The launch of the water project in Opi Community has been a long-awaited dream come true for the residents. With the foundation's tireless efforts and dedication to the cause, Opi joins a growing list of communities that have experienced a positive transformation in their lives.


The significance of this water project in the Opi Community cannot be overstated. It has not only ended the struggles of fetching water from distant sources but has also brought about numerous tangible benefits such as improved healthcare and hygiene, educational opportunities, and economic upliftment. 

The Rector Cares Foundation's dedication to enhancing the lives of rural communities in Nigeria continues to be an inspiring example of the positive impact that non-profit organisations can have. The success of the water project in Opi Community serves as a beacon of hope for countless other communities in need of similar interventions.


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