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Nollywood Actor, Sam Ajibola (Spiff) Gives Update On Man Who Accused Ex-President, Obasanjo Of Sleeping With His Wife.

OBJ & The Ajibolas.

Nollywood actor, Sam Ajibola, popularly known as Spiff in “The Johnsons” has given an update on the lawsuit filed against a man who claimed the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, is the father of his son.

The actor initiated legal proceedings against a Tiktoker and Tunde Ednut for publishing derogatory posts about his wife, son and Obasanjo.

The actor, in a post on his Instagram account, shared a screenshot of the blogger stating that he had recorded an apology video over his defamatory post online.

Ajibola revealed that the blogger has been asking his wife for forgiveness over the post against his family and former president.

The screenshot shared by the actor reads, “Good evening, Mrs. Ajibola.

“I received your message which seems

that you have already filled a lawsuit

against me.

“I’m just getting back from the village

and there was no stable network

connection there. If you go through all

my accounts, you would realize that

have not posted anything on that

account since yesterday.

“I have already made the apology video

ready and came online to post it when

came across your message.

“I understand that the given timeframe

has gone by, but I would want to plead

that you allow me complete this. It

was an issue of emergency that

dragged me to the village early this


“While all these are on the table. I will

also plead that you understand I came

to you first.

“Apologized first and seek to make

amendments. I wrote Tunde Ednut

immediately after I wrote you to take

down the post, I do not know how else

to ask him to do that but I will

continue to put pressure on him.

“If I reached out to you first to

apologize, it was because I do not

want this to get this far. You know I’m

a novice in all these but this a lesson

and I have learnt it.

“I can post the video now. Please, allow

me to complete our initial agreement.

“I shall wait for your kind response.

Thanks you!”

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