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Nigerian Armed Forces Exceeds UN Benchmark With 27.9% Female Participation In Peacekeeping Operations.

Women in Armed Force.

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, has announced a significant achievement by the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) at the ongoing Defence Headquarters Gender Mainstreaming Conference 2023.

General Musa stated this in his welcome address at the conference with the theme “Building capacity through gender mainstreaming to meet security challenges.”

General Musa disclosed that the AFN had reached a notable milestone with a reported 27.9 per cent female participation in peacekeeping operations.

This figure notably surpasses the 17 percent benchmark set by the United Nations for gender mainstreaming in peacekeeping efforts.

The CDS highlighted this accomplishment, emphasizing the AFN’s commitment to integrating gender perspectives to address security challenges effectively.

He said the move aligns with the Armed Forces of Nigeria’s dedication to fostering gender inclusivity and empowering women in active roles within peacekeeping initiatives.

The achievement signifies a significant stride towards global standards for gender diversity and representation in peace and security operations.


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