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Palestinian Envoy Hails Nigeria’s Inclusion In Peace Committee.

Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh 

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh has welcomed Nigeria’s inclusion in the committee meant to stop the ongoing war in Gaza.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League had on Tuesday, selected Nigeria as part of a special delegation mandated to initiate immediate international action to halt the ongoing war in Gaza.

Speaking during the embassy’s weekly press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday, Shawesh expressed optimism in the ability of countries in the committee to help in stopping the ongoing war.

He said, “The Arab League has set up a committee. The diplomatic process is a necessary one and it is well appreciated by the Palestinians. We also welcome Nigeria to be a part of the committee. ”

The envoy called on all international bodies to hold Israel accountable for its actions in line with international legal obligations.

He stated that was the only way to stop Israel’s occupation as well as save the lives of Palestinians.

Shawesh said, “In this regard, accountability is an urgent issue to pursue- by the Security Council, by the ICC, by the ICJ, and by all States, in line with international legal obligations, including under the 4th Geneva Convention obligation to respect and ensure respect in all circumstances, including in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem. Israel cannot remain a State above the law.

“Only such serious action can stop its war crimes, against the Palestinian people, saving lives and our region from implosion.”

Giving an update on the casualty figures, he noted that over 12,000 civilians had been killed since the commencement of the Israeli occupation of the country.

He said, “With the deepest sorrow, the death toll among the Palestinian civilians exceeded 12,000, the majority of them are children and women. Out of more than 2000 still missing, there have been groaning still coming from under the rubble which means that some are still breathing and fighting for their lives.”

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