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Veteran Nollywood Film-Maker, Okey Ogunjiofor Mourn Actor, Natty Bruce, Says His Death Is A Personal Loss.

Natty Bruce.

Veteran film maker and one of those who started what is now known as Nollywood, Okey Ogunjiofor has mourned Nollywoods veteran martial actor and instructor, Nattybruce Idigbogu who kicked the bucket a few days ago.

The producer of the first major movie in the movie industry, Living In Bondage, Okey Ogunjiofor took time to eulogize the man, Nattybruce in life and now that he has joined the saints triumphant.

According to him, “I mean, if longevity was attained by strength, physical exercise or energy Nattybruce Nwa Idigbogu would have lived very long. I don't think anybody who knew him would believe such an active person could suffer stroke. But that is life there for all of us.

Chief Okey continued by saying, “I met Nattybruce Idigbogu in Aba during the shooting of Circle of Doom (1993) 30yrs ago. He was a martial art enthusiat who approached me to see how he could deploy his talent and skills to enhance an emerging film industry then, and typically I didn't let such opportunity slide. We worked together on that project with him as a stunt person. Ever since then, I have always called upon him whenever I needed intricate stunts and darring fight sequences in my films.  He never failed to deliver because he's so good with his craft.

I watched him closely in his elements in Jos during Amina film production as he tirelessly trained and worked with over 1000 talents for combat on land and on horse backs to deliver the Amina movie success story and now he is no more and I am left so confused.

What a personal loss to me and to Nollywood. I am yet to see someone so passionate with his gift. May God comfort the household he left behind in Jesus mighty name he concluded. 

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