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How The Treatment From The Women In My Life Pushed Me To Fall In Love With My Fellow Man.

The married couple.

According to the youngman whose name is withheld and is now married to his fellow man, "I suffered in the hands of women since my childhood, even my mom was not a very good wife to my dad”.

After maltreating him, she left, when I was just 6years old,, leaving us to suffer. My dad advised me never to trust women, "women will make you suffer" he says. 

Even in my high school days, the first girl I fell in love with betrayed me just because I couldn't afford to take her to the Cinema & buy her lunch.

I have been married and divorced twice. Those women were not good to me either, so, I decided to marry my fellow man, my best friend.

We are so much in love and nothing can change our love for each other, now I'm living my best life.  Please do not judge me".


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