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Lagos Task Force To Destroy Over 130 Seized Motorcycles.

Motor bikes.

The Lagos State Task Force has said it would crush no fewer than 130 motorcycles seized from commercial bike operators in the Alakija, Second Rainbow area of Lagos State.

The Chairman of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Agency, Shola Jejeloye, disclosed this on Friday, adding that the enforcement was a result of the bike riders’ defiance of the state law which prohibits their operation on certain highways.

Jejeloye also noted that the affected bike riders in a protest against the seizure of their motorcycles, attempted to set fire to the task force and police’s official vehicles.

He added, “The enforcement is against recalcitrant motorcycle operators who disregard state laws. There is a ban on the use of motorcycles on all major expressways in Lagos.

“Alakija is one of the strongholds of bike operators and it has been mapped out for enforcement. Those motorcyclists dwell on that business during the day and constitute a nuisance at night. The bikes that are confiscated are not going to be used for the force’s personal purposes.

“The motorcyclists threw a bonfire on our truck to burn the truck and everything in it, not minding that it might affect the road users. In a situation whereby we have exhausted all the means of talking to them, then it turns into enforcement.”

He declared that the operation will go on until there is tranquility for motorists who drive on the state’s expressways.

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