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REVELATION: Sex Scandal Rocks Governor Peter Mbah Of Enugu State's Lion Building.

Peter Mbah.

Barely six months into a troubled regime, Governor Peter Mbah's administration has come under a heavy thunderstorm provoked by his inability to rein in his weakness for the opposite sex.

In a curious twist of irony, Mbah, who is still battling to retain his seat due to alleged inconsistencies in his claim to having fulfilled the mandatory one year service to Nigeria under the NYSC programme, has been assailed with rumours of his alleged inappropriate relationship with a young woman serving out her NYSC programme in his office.

Mbah's alleged dalliance with the young woman has claimed its first victim: his aide de camp (ADC) was recently axed for failing the loyalty test and ratting on his boss and revealing Mbah’s dark secrets to his colleagues. The ADC, whose name was simply given as ASP Divine, was allegedly relieved of his duties as Mbah’s personal security chief following rumours that he revealed an affair between the state’s helmsman and a corps member posted to the Enugu State Government House.

Sources close to Gov Mbah’s office revealed that the chief executive officer of the state allegedly felt unsafe when the affair with the NYSC member, which was meant to be a closely guarded secret, became known to his wife Mrs Nkechinyere Mbah.

Trouble was said to have started when Mrs Mbah, who was said to have travelled abroad, suddenly returned to the state and allegedly confronted the governor over the alleged illicit affair. Although the governor attempted to make some flimsy denials, the details of what had allegedly been happening behind the curtains between him and the beautiful NYSC member were such that only an insider could have known about.

Aware that his ADC was not only privy to the alleged affair but comes from the same part of the country as his wife, the governor reportedly became uncomfortable with the officer and got him relieved of his duties.

“ASP Divine is from the same village as the first lady and he was hired on the recommendation of Madam. So Oga now believes that the reason for hiring the ADC was for Madam to be using him to spy on him, and that was why he sacked him immediately after that matter came to light,” our source, who is a member of the PDP inner circle but does not want to be named, said.

It was not revealed, as at the time of this report, whether the NYSC member (name withheld for security reasons) has been posted out of the Government House, but we gathered that the state's first lady has been grumpy about the posting of many beautiful corps members to the state seat of power.

Governor Peter Mbah and NYSC appear to be two mutually repelled poles. Since he emerged as the governorship candidate of the PDP, one controversy after another has dogged his steps over allegations that he forged his NYSC discharge certificate.

The certificate saga is one of the three grounds on which the candidate of the Labour Party, Hon. Chijioke Edeoga, is anchoring his quest to remove Mbah from office. The matter is presently at the Supreme Court. 

 By Kachifoo Nwobodo in Enugu


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